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Designed for coaches, athletes and anyone who wants to track and measure their trampoline performance. Subscribe in-app to access all of the latest features!

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Capture Your Training


Veriflite GOLD stores all of your routine history. No more notebooks!

Tag each routine with multiple custom identifiers, such as who was bouncing and what exercise was performed

Use the Filter option to review specific routines


View your Performance


Essential for coaching and training, Veriflite GOLD's graphing tools chart your own or your athletes' captured performance history

View individual and synchronised routines to analyse where improvements can be made.

View multiple routines at once to overlay performance data: compare the same routine performed many times, or find out how you perform against others

Shared Experiences


Export your routine data in spreadsheet format (.CSV) to share, study and analyse. Complete access to all your data, satisfying even the most inquisitive minds


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