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If you have trampoline coaches with a Level 1 trampoline coach certificate, with either British Gymnastics or UK Gymnastics, they can book onto the Gymnastic Britannia 'Porting and Upgrading' programme to transfer it and upgrade it to a Level 2 recreational trampoline coach certificate. Also, the Porting and Upgrading programme will result in them receiving three additional certificates; all for around the same cost of a Level 2 course with another body. The 'Porting and Upgrading’ programme, for those who already have a recognised Level 1 assistant trampoline coach certificate comprises:

Porting and Upgrading Programme: Trampolining 

(Gymnastics has launched)


1) The online version of the Level 2 Rebound Therapy training course.

Completion of this will give you the internationally recognised Rebound Therapy certificate and will enable you to run sessions for children and adults across a very wide range of special needs. It is also suitable for running pre-school classes and covers grades 1 to 3 of the Winstrada trampoline development programme. Information here;

2) The online version of the Rebound Plus training course.

This is an online add-on module to the above. Completion of this will validate you to teach grades 4 to 8 of the Winstrada development programme. The course covers many more progressions and support techniques than a Level 1 trampoline course and is ideal for teaching 'more able' children and adults with disabilities. Also ideal for teaching mainstream beginners and intermediates. Information here:


and then scroll down to 'Rebound Plus' (online version for trampoline coaches)


3) The Authority Trampoline Coach course.

This covers grades 9 and 10 of the Winstrada trampoline development programme. It is a two-day practical course and is held either in house at your club or centre, or you can attend an open course. Information here; Click Here and then scroll down to Authority Trampoline Coach (Step 3)



see individual links for current pricing.

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