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Gymnast, Pommel

Veriflite ToF


The original Veriflite system! An innovation in Time of Flight measurement for coaches and athletes. Simple-to-attach sensors and an easy-to-use app. Veriflite provides precise flight data for individual and synchronised routines, direct to your phone and tablet


At only US$499, Veriflite makes world-class ToF technology available to everyone


Veriflite DMT


The world's first Double Mini Trampoline Time of Flight system! Attach one sensor to the DMT bed and one to the landing mat. Download the exclusive Veriflite DMT app for precise flight data direct to your phone and tablet


Veriflite Gold


Designed for coaches, athletes and anyone who wants to track and measure their trampoline performance. Subscribe in-app to access all of the latest and ongoing features!

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