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Train The Trainer


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Have you ever thought, we are having issues about finding coaching courses or have a higher rate of coach turnover, and require to train coaches in multiple locations!

If so "Train The Trainer" is the perfect solution.  Available for coaches who are trained to a Club Coach (Level 2) level or above you are able to participate within this programme.

What is the programme, you participate within the Train The Trainer course, you do a combination of online and practical training to go through the full syllabus.  

How does it Work?:

The minimum number of candidates is 3; maximum 10. 

Practical course fee £2575 regardless of the number of candidates.

Plus £358 per candidate for the distance learning module and final half-day assessment. 


The host club is encouraged to make vacant spaces available to other clubs. They can make these spaces available at a fee of your choosing, to make a contribution towards your costs, and they will refer other clubs to AuthoritySportsUK to buy the spaces. 

Once complete and deemed competent, you will then be able to train or update your coaches training (for your venue/s).  When you have given this training, your newly qualified coaches just need to be registered with AuthoritySportsUK to have certificates released (Admin / membership of Gymnastic Britannia per qualified coach required) 

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